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We are proud of our client list and when the time comes will introduce you to those who undertook a comparable scheme to the one you are considering.

You will gain from their experience of the process and they will have some useful pointers including the benefits of instructing Parkinspace.


Some of our recent projects include:

  • Refurbishment of head office for a leading internet retailer (c.520 staff)
  • Refurbishment of 6 existing offices and relocation of 2 new regional offices for an insurance company (c.320 staff)
  • Design and fit out of new head office for an asset management company (c.40 staff)
  • Office furniture for the set of a high profile feature film
  • Design and fit out new office for internet company leaving their serviced office (20 staff)
  • Design and fit out of a call centre for insurance company (c.100 staff)
  • Design and furnish dental reception area
  • Sympathetic furniture addition to country estate office