Office Accoustics

Any acoustics solution involves one or more of 3 strategies – absorb, block and cover.

Absorb: Absorbant surfaces can be placed around the space constantly absorbing sound energy and reducing the amount of reverberation within the space. Products include Acoustic wall art or plain wall mounted panels, acoustic screens, acoustic ceiling panels, and acoustic carpeting as well as various types of modified furniture.

Blocking: This enhances acoustic privacy by placing a barrier close to the sound source. This is predominantly achieved using screens.

Cover: This involves in introduction of a broad band sound source in order to reduce distraction by speech and other sounds. Masking systems are commonly placed in the ceiling void and can also function as PA systems.

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Is noise in the workplace a problem?

  • More than 70% of workers believe noise is the most significant distraction
  • More than 80% of workers believe a quieter environment would enable them to be more productive
  • The majority of workers believe that reducing distracting noise increases their productivity
  • The majority of workers identify conversation as the type of noise that most affects their work performance
  • Over 50% of cubical occupants expressed that acoustics interfere with daily work and 30% of private office occupants felt that acoustics also influenced their productivity
  • Where memory and mental arithmetic are assessed, when exposed to noise, accuracy of tasks is reduced by 67% Employees are unable to habituate to this kind of noise over time problem does not get better